Camping Checklists

Camping Checklists


There’s nothing more miserable than getting to your campsite, and as you’re pulling out your gear, you realize you forgot something really important—LIKE YOUR AIR MATTRESS!!!

And how frustrating it is to have to find a store and but something you ALREADY HAVE at home! That’s not the type of experience that adds to a vacation being a positive experience. No! In fact, it can make your vacation or camping experience downright miserable. Most of us plan and budget for our recreation, so that kind of mistake can be costly and frustrating.

One way around these problems is to have checklists that help you plan, shop, and pack. To help your hiking, camping, or even hotel vacation go more smoothly, we’ve put together a few checklists that might come in handy!


Print out the lists that are most useful to you, then customize them for your type of vacation. Have a great time!


Camping Gear Checklist

Day Hiking Gear Checklist

First Aid Supplies Checklist



Outdoor Kitchen Gear Checklist

Personal Gear and the Basics Checklist








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