Cedar Breaks National Monument

The Cedar Breaks National Monument is a smaller version of Bryce Canyon National Park and encompasses a 2,500 foot deep basin that is filled with irregular limestone formations in bright colors and hues that offer visitors breathtaking views as they drive along the five mile long rim. There are also guided walks at this naturally formed amphitheater where visitors may stroll in the summer and there are also some hiking trails that makes this smaller version of Bryce Canyon National Park a wonderful vacation destination. The visitor center here at Cedar Breaks National Monument is open every day between eight in the morning and six in the evening and entrance costs $3 per person for anyone that is seventeen years or older and is valid for seven day periods. This smaller version of Bryce Canyon National Park is reachable by taking Highway 15 and lies three and a half hours away from Las Vegas and it can be reached by private vehicle, bus, and bicycle or on foot.Bryce Canyon National Park

Spectacular Views And Dangerous Paths Just Like Bryce Canyon National Park

There are many spectacular views here in this miniaturized version of Bryce Canyon National Park and there are four scenic overlooks with one dangerous path that juts out beyond the constructed observation area and seems to touch the sky. The eye is treated to a host of spectacular views at every turn almost and the park itself sits at an altitude of 10,000 feet with plenty of picturesque views, even for casual observers. There are different and amazing angles of the brilliant sandstone pinnacles that are a feature of the 2,500 foot deep canyon.

If one wants to really relish the breathtaking views of Cedar Breaks National Monument, it is best to get up at the crack of dawn or wait for when the sun goes down for it is at these times that the light brings out the deepest shades of the rocks. Driving along Highway 14 gives one a view of what is held in the park’s natural amphitheater’s appearance and so it is advisable to take a closer look and not just drive by. The peak of the canyon spreads across more than three miles and it is well worth taking the four mile drive up State Route 148 for along the way there are plenty of wild flowers that are set in unrestrained green meadows. Cedar Breaks National Monument is at a similar elevation as Bryce Canyon National Park.




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