Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

The taste of food seems to gain much favor with those who are around a campfire and for some reason or another the campfire cooking recipes are most sought after by campers who like to relish a well cooked meal, especially one cooked over the campfire. There are campfire cooking recipes that make the mouth water and they include apple pies, chicken dishes, steaks, apple cider stews, bacon and eggs, barbequed pork hocks, beef and veggies and a whole lot of other campfire cooking recipes that would whet anyone’s appetite.

Barbequed, Grilled And Steaked

Obviously, meat dishes are a favorite at the campfire and there are campfire cooking recipes for the barbeque chef, grill masters, as well as steak lovers that include a number of one-pot meals such as chili, stews and casseroles and there are also foil-wrapped dinners that can be cooked according to the campfire cooking recipe.

There are more than 3,730 acres of southwestern Utah territory in which nestles Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park which is full of stunning, coral-colored dune fields that are surrounded by sandstone cliffs and the blue skies and juniper/pinyon forests make it ideal for camping, hiking, off-highway vehicle riding, photography or simply frolicking in the sand. To protect the Coral Pink Beetle, which is unique and is only found here at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park and nowhere else in the world, the 265 acre conservation area is protected from motorized vehicles and this part of the woods is inhabited by the Mule Deer, Jackrabbit, Kit Fox and Coyote and plenty of small rodents. Campfire Cooking Recipe

Usually, the desert provides the visitor with plenty of opportunities to spend time with fun outdoor activities and participate in recreational activities and Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is no exception. Numerous visitors to the desert are here to camp, fish, and hike and explore as well as experience this unique environment that is found in the American Southwest as well as in its deserts. It is possible to go hiking and climbing, horseback riding, visit desert caves and do caving, view the wildlife, take part in water sports and fishing, go biking and cycling, off-road auto touring as well as try one’s hand at rock and treasure hunting.

Surviving in the desert may require some adaptation and learning to be part of the ecosystem of the desert should not be viewed antagonistically. Also, there are a lot of wonderful dishes that can be cooked in the desert using campfire cooking recipes - so one should go ahead and not hold back with the culinary juices, which should flow freely.




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