Gravel Canyon

Gravel, the longest White Canyon sub stream, penetrates down the cream shaded Cedar Mesa sandstone for more than 15 miles. Using canyon rating system, gravel is rated as 3B III. Similar to all leading drainages in the area, it has deep stretches that are steep sided, considerably deep but relatively wide, with a leveled hard ground and disconnected by short very fine sections comprising pools and fall offs—it requires rappelling, wading and/or swimming to pass down. Over the canyon, there is a tremendous stretch of level white slick-rock framed by low and fading red mounts. The ravine has lots of entry/exit points, so you can see most of it even if you do not have ropes, rather easily by climbing the steep rocks to avoid some particular hurdles.

If you want a speedy shot to explore some of the canyon, then park near UT 95 and walk up the lower extent—up to the first impediment dry-fall. The parking block is on an elevation adjacent to White Canyon—a short distance towards an unguided secondary path that leaves the main road at mile 64.8. It again is a wonderful site for camping and parking. From the elevation, the track twists off into the canyon, crossing the streambed and continues a few miles Northeast to the base of a hillock called Jacob's Chair.

The topmost terminus of Gravel Canyon, where you will find most of the finest narrows, needs one or more days backpacking. The complete extent of the canyon should be explored in the subsequent direction opening at the top; and, sometimes, this hike is accomplished as a loop—added with a trip up adjoining Long Canyon, which will take about four days. All this allows you to double the fun that you will have visiting the area!

The canyon ground is usually obstructed by boulder pyramids that require tough scrambling to pass, particularly if hoisting a stuffed pack. The technical part of the canyon has many swims, wading, rappels and great deal of fun. Equip yourself with some technical equipment, such as rope, rapping gear, some additional slings, and dry bags for gear.

You should also possess good map reading skills. To fulfill the need of water, potholes can be pumped, but the quality of water is not so hot, so bring a plenty of drinking water with you. Before entering the canyon, it is advised to understand the weather condition, as there is a high flash flood danger.  



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