Kodachrome Basin State Park

About few miles south of UT 12 and due east of Bryce Canyon lies the small and popular state park called the Kodachrome Basin State Park which is accessible by paved roads and the park has eroded, multicolored rock formations of different shades of red, yellow, pink, white as well as brown and with the usually deep blue skies overhead and occasional green vegetation have combined to help name this area, with the prior agreement of the Kodak Film Corp., as Kodachrome Basin State Park. There are many outstanding features of this park but one that stands out most is the presence of many spires or chimneys of rock that are called sand pipes and which are believed to be solidified sediment that filled springs or geysers in the distant past and have been left standing after the weathering away of the softer surrounding Entrada sandstone rocks.

Most of the trails and other features here can be explored in less than one day and the best place for viewing the sand pipes and other formations is called Grand Parade which lies along the park road with two easy footpaths winding through nearby rocks.

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