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The Basics




 Credit/telephone cards


 Shoulder bag/backpack


 Health insurance cards


 Personal ID/driver's license


 Emergency contact information  


 Wallet and cash


 Traveler's checks


 Driving directions/maps




 Reservation information




 Electronic equipment chargers  





 Soap and container




 Toilet paper


 Saline solution


 Meds and prescriptions            


 Extra glasses/contacts              








 Feminine products


 Comb and brush


 Shaving cream




 razor and blades






 Pre-moistened towelettes         




 Bath towel


 Hair dryer


 Beach towel


 Laundry bag


 Skin care


 Clothes detergent                      




 Bug repellant







 Rain gear/seasonal coat         




 Hiking boots




 Athletic shoes




 Shower sandals


 Seasonal hat                            








 Bathing suit








 Thermal underwear




 Long-sleeved shirts                   





Packing Checklist

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