Slot Canyon Locations



Antelope Canyon - the most popular and most photographed slot canyon near Page, AZ

Big Horn Canyon - colorful ravine in little-visited area of Escalante River, in Glen Canyon Recreation Area, UT

Buckskin Gulch - longest slot canyon in the world near Paria River in UT

Butterfly Canyon - remote, rarely visited gorge near Page, AZ

Clear Creek - long valley with side canyons in Zion National Park, UT

Coyote Gulch, Dry Fork - lengthy streamway including various narrow passageways

Echo Canyon - steep side ravine that becomes a narrow slot, Zion National Park, UT

Egypt 3 - excellent narrows in three distinct sections, Escalante River, Glen Canyon Recreation Area, UT

Gravel Canyon - slots, pools, drop offs and long open sections, North Lake Powell, UT

Harris Wash and Side Canyons - classic Navajo sandstone drainage with interesting side canyons, Escalante River, Glen Canyon Recreation Area, UT

North Creek, Left Fork - well-known canyon that includes 'The Subway', Zion National Park, UT

Little Death Hollow - remote canyon with long, exciting, narrow passageways, Escalante River, Glen Canyon Recreation Area, UT
Neon Canyon - long slot ending at the 'Golden Cathedral', Escalante River, Glen Canyon Recreation Area, UT

Orderville Canyon - long and very deep gorge joining the Zion Narrows, Zion National Park, UT

Paria River - one of the two best extended canyon hikes in the Southwest, near Bryce Canyon, UT

Rock Canyon - good narrows in Cedar mesa sandstone, North Lake Powell, UT

Round Valley Draw - another deep, scenic Navajo sandstone canyon, Paria River, near Bryce Canyon, UT

Water Holes Canyon - pretty Navajo sandstone narrows; similar to Antelope, near Page, AZ

White Canyon - well known gorge that includes the 'Black Hole', North Lake Powell, UT

Zion Canyon Narrow 1 - the most famous narrows in the Southwest, Zion National Park, UT









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