Canyonlands National Park

Common camping equipment consists of tents, sleeping bags, air mattresses or sleeping pads, portable stove, lanterns or flashlights, hatchets, saws or axes and assorted ropes and tarps as well as cooking utensils such as Dutch ovens. Other common camping equipment are available in homes and include dishes, pots as well as pans and to find what items of camping equipment are available and where they are available there are many camping books as well as websites that one could check out for obtaining further information. Some people choose to not use home items and would rather prefer using dedicated camping equipment such as heavy plastic tableware as well as salt and pepper shakers with tops that close and keep the rain out. In the case of the backpacker, there are special lightweight as well as portable camping equipment available.

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All these camping equipment can be most useful when out on a visit to places such as the Canyonlands National Park which preserves a beautiful and colorful landscape that has been eroded into numerous canyons, mesas and buttes by the Colorado River as well as its tributaries. There are four districts in the Canyonlands National Park each being divided by rivers and the districts are named the Island in the Sky, the Needles, the Maze and finally, the rivers themselves. One can use one’s camping equipment to good effect at the various destinations Canyonlands has to offer including the scenic overlooks at the Island in the Sky and indeed, the visitor can expect a lifetime of exploration here.

The Squaw Flat Campground which is located in the Needles makes for an ideal base camp for hiking through the day to destinations such as Chesler Park, Druid Arch as well as the Joint Trail. Other activities include climbing, hiking, horseback riding, as well as stargazing. For a memorable hiking excursion at Canyonlands National Park one could buy camping equipment that would include backpacks, sturdy boots and weather resistant tents.

Canyonlands National Park provides the hiker with hundreds of miles of good hiking trails and one can easily explore the park’s natural as well as cultural features and be able to hike short distances in the Island in the Sky as well the Needles. Day hiking and backpacking trips would necessitate the hiker to use complete camping equipment, especially if wanting to visit the Maze, which is a remote location at the Park.




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