Egypt 3

Egypt 3—slot canyon rated as 2A III or 3A/B III--is the third and finest one out of 5 canyons of irregular shallowness and closeness, that cut into the Southeast side of the Egypt Bench—a highland with sand cliffs and other boulder patterns. It has three noticeable sections: beginning with a succession of inclination following a sensational 120 feet dry-fall; inter-linked potholes through uniform red boulders, has an outstretched intricately-textured central section; and with a short technical sweep with many steep falls into basins—obviously, it needs rappelling and swimming! You will find it one of the most pleasant, striking, and finest slot canyons in the Escalante terrain.  

The sign on the Hole-in-the-Rock byway—mile 17—represents the turn-off for the canyon. From here, you will be on a track of 10 miles—heading East and slightly North, finishing at the major trailhead for hikes into the central Escalante River region. You can also add some of the prominent canyons nearby, including Fence, Neon, and lower Twenty-five Mile Wash (a potential obstacle following recent soggy weather), in a day’s trip! The opening half of this secondary road is heavily graded but otherwise straightforward. It crosses Twenty five Mile Wash, and later passes over two subsided washes and the tops of two canyons.

It is a bare walk from the little parking block at the side of the approach road down a flat barrier to the quick sheer drop off at the head of the canyon, as it enters the Navajo sandstone zone. There are a few down-reaching pools and a short span of narrows below the dry-fall. The particular canyon dawns a little further on, following an expanded area—reached by marching along the line to the left, and sliding a steep inclination to the canyon ground. The portions are fully dark with blackish and overhanging cliffs at each side but usually the rocks are uniform and red.

You must be equipped with rope and rappelling gear, dry bags, a map, and a plenty of water; however, note that the canyon is very narrow and keep your package as small as possible. Furthermore, note that persons who are above 200 lbs should not come in for hiking—there is a long march through a very long and too much fine canyon, and they may have some troubles getting through. The entire journey requires a little rappelling and ascending through pools—dry bags are helpful here. To catch the route back up to the top edge, map reading skills have a vital role to play for.



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